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This is a photo of an old (and apparently crumbling) building in Dimitrovgrad, my hometown. It was my first day volunteering at the town’s art gallery, and when we had done the work, I asked the curator if I could take some shots of that building with the gallery’s camera, since it produced much nicer images then my point-and-click camera. She agreed, and I made some forty-fifty shots of everything.

I applied some basic filters, but still, the picture was too meager, so I decided to make good use of the spaces between the windows and the near-perfect perspective, and I only had to figure out what symbol to place. Since I like to reflect on religion, I picked the holy cross, for it went well with the perspective, and also because I thought it would provoke more people to critically assess my piece. It is called “Severed.”, for I think religion has the power to sever things that otherwise would not have been severed.

Also, this is the first piece with my new symbol (I have no idea how it is called), the meaning of which I’m going to explain in an upcoming post.

Here’s a link in my deviantART gallery: Severed.