I had started trying to draw Japanese character with a small marker, but after some time I thought I could try to draw some simple shape and I chose this something to be my favorite animal – a sparrow. After several tries I managed to make it the way I like – with just a few strokes (6)

I outlined the photo in Photoshop, and thought of leaving it as a single shape on the sheet, but it looked too empty, so I decided to make a few little sparrows. Then I remember a saying my English teacher once said that is of great significance to me – “You’ve got to not only fit in, but also stand out”. It reminds me of “Things are not only black and white”. That was the reason I decided the thing to strive for was not perfection (something absolute and extreme), but balance.

That’s why there is the blue sparrow – its size and shape fit the designated place among the other yellow ones, but at the same its color makes it pop up (stand out), and is the first object to take the viewer’s attention.

I think the same is with people. Some try so desperately to fit in a certain circle of people that they eventually lose their unique characteristics, and vice versa – some try so hard to stand out, that the eventually might get exiled by society. This sounds a little bit like Punk/Emo/Goth fans and people that pierce every part of their body (I’ll stop here, because some of these people might have reasons other than popping, and I might get wrong with stereotyping them in such manner). I think that, naturally, these people would give up such extremes and start behaving and looking a bit more “normal” (normal should mean “the most common in society”). It’s all about the balance of not only getting assimilated by the norm, but also not distancing yourself from others with standing out too much.

Btw: Sparrow in Japanese is Suzume (or at least that is what Google Translate said)

Btw2: In deviantART I name the image “fiso” after “fit in / stand out”.