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South Korea + Pepsi

If I hadn’t made it clear by now – I love awesome coincidences, like the one with the Flag of Turkey. However, my restless eyes don’t…rest, and I managed to find a relationship between two things – the flag of South Korea and the (now obsolete) logo of Pepsi.

I want to make it clear. This is absolutely not meant to offend anybody or mock South Korea.In fact, South Korea is one of the countries I look up to and hope to be able to visit one day. I’m making this kind of pieces just for the sake of finding hidden coincidental relations between, at first sight, completely unrelated objects/ideas/representations/pictures/etc. It makes me feel like finding an “Easter egg”, but in real life.


Flags, My creations


The idea for this image came quite accidentally – after our prom, there was an excursion in Turkey organized by our high school for the graduating class. On our way home to Bulgaria there were Turkish flags hanging down from building’s facades. There I noticed that the star and the crescent remind me a lot of a parachutist, and the more I looked, the more I got excited to make a picture of it. Nevertheless, I had doubts at one time, because I wasn’t sure that this to-be-image of mine would be well received, so I asked a friend about the issue (she is Turkish), and she only confirmed my thoughts. I was disappointed by her answer (I had hoped she would encourage me to create the picture), but I really wanted to create it, for I was marveled by the coincidence of a flag baring visual resemblance with such an unconnected with it thing, such as parachuting (or at least, I am not aware of such connection). However, when the person I work under in the municipality saw the picture, although he seemed to like it, he advised me to take it off the internet, because I could be “risking somebody to take a good beating”. I was rather surprised his opinion, but if I took down each one of my pieces, just because someone would not be happy about I, then what is the point in expressing my ideas.

I hope there aren’t too many people unhappy with this image, but I made it for the sake of art and original thought, so I suppose I’m ready to swallow some negative feedback, plus, there is always going to be someone not happy about the stuff one does, so I think it is only normal.

I named it “Parashoot”, because if pronounced, it would sound just as the original word would, and also because I often try to avoid trivial name-giving to my pieces

deviantART link: Parashoot