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go west.

A few days ago I was out in the town to find a memory card for my camera. Since I know it’s old I had to take it to see if newer and faster ones can be used on it; turns out it can’t. I decided to take some shots while I was wandering back and forth. This is a lamp post near Dimitrovgrad’s Kaufland.  I tried to catch only the sky and the lamp post, for it creates the illusion that is somewhere really up high, while in reality it’s just ten meters from the ground.

I like the picture, but it wasn’t anything special – just a lamp post. Everyone can take a shot of a lamp post if he has a decent camera. That’s why I added the letter N, S, E and W. As have probably figured out, they stand for North, South, East and West. Nevertheless, I intentionally placed the N in the left position, because when arranged in such way I got the word NEWS. It’s not a masterpiece, but at least, I think, is something unusual.

dA link: go west.


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