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Haiku 101

So as I mentioned in my last post, I started trying to compose decent haikus. I have originally written them in Bulgarian, but I will make a quick translation so they can be understood by more people here.



Ръжда на стена.

Вълнички в локвата, докато

слънцето гасне.


Rust on a wall.

Ripples in the puddle, while

the sun sets.



Синя тишина

над елите обгърнати в бяло.

Алено петно от птичка.


Blue silence

over the white coated firs.

Bird’s crimson stain.



Път и стени от бетон.

По полегатия наклон

се търкаля топка.


Concrete path and walls.

On the slanted surfice

a ball rolls.



Пее сирена на линейка.

Измежду кривото желязо

е, вече, вечно спящия.


An ambulance alarm sings.

In between the awry metal

is the one, now, forever asleep.

The most notable difference between most haikus I’ve read and those four, is that I don’t focus on seasons or nature, but instead, on urban settings and death. “Why?” you ask. I like the unpretentious look of almost anything urban – rusty pipes, walls made from concrete with the fixture sticking out or bathed in graffiti, etc. About death – I think it makes things nostalgically romantic, because it evokes the feeling of inability to do anything about it.

I write whenever I come up with idea I regard as original, but right now I have focused on an idea I have about those four pieces, which I will share in a later post when completed.


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